Our Coaching Strategy


Coaching is an integral part of our approach to ‘Growing People’.


We have considerable expertise in one to one executive, management and team coaching. Yet in addition our coaching often works in tandem with our other interventions to ensure maximum learning transfer.


The diversity and wide experience of our GHG coaches mirrors the diversity of the organisations in which we work. It enables us to truly understand and add value in organisations such as the European Institutions, other European public sector organisations and multinational companies.


So what makes us Unique?

  • Our international team of coaches – their depth of experience in the European and international markets.

  • Our practical and results oriented approach to coaching.

  • The way we work and build together. We have co-created our coaching team building, our philosophy and values together.


We see the way to tap into the power of this coaching rests on a solid foundation of three main criteria or areas.  A climate that understands and uses coaching to best effect (context); high quality coaching which can adapt to the demands of the managers being coached (content) and thirdly, well-run administrative support to ensure the effective selection and matching of the manager and coach and the subsequent evaluation of the coaching programme (process/procedures).




















How can we help managers? 



  • enabling managers to deal with and indeed thrive on the inevitable paradoxes that they face in complex organisations.

  • promoting the awareness of differences and then optimising this - embracing the value this brings as well as the challenges.

  • respecting the individual and focusing on good practices ( ‘bright spots’) and how the individual can always do more and better.

  • building leadership capability – the capacity for developing and inspiring others.

  • helping managers to better balance the demands of short term and long term issues – and setting their strategic imperatives in alignment with their objectives.

  • always placing the individual in the context of his/her environment.

  • being results-oriented and client focused. The coach will offer the coachee every possible resource to enable him or to her reach their expected and desired objectives and by maintaining an interdependent relationship.

  • managing the change process. The coaching process is fundamentally a change process. As has been widely recognised, successful change requires a careful exposure to risk and to the various emotional consequences of having to abandon existing beliefs, behaviours, routines, etc., which originate both in the workplace environment and culture and in the persons themselves. It is about the individual’s ability to embrace change but also their ability to also build change capacity in their team.



Coaching as part of our blended approach


We also recommend the coaching approach in many of our different development programmes to ensure maximum leverage of the learning that takes place.



Examples of our Programmes that include Coaching


  • Emerging Talent

Coaching and mentoring provides the glue for a programme we have designed and delivered at the European Parliament. Coaching forms part of the programme alongside skills based workshops and growth assignments for those considered to have great potential.


  • Soon to Be or Unsure Managers

The question here is – should I be a manager?  Is this truly for me?  We run programmes which are partly process based workshops focusing on a person’s drivers and values and partly on one to one coaching to further the reflection and help them come closer to a better self-awareness.


  • Middle managers

We have run 6 – 8 day workshops using 360 degree feedback sessions to build self-awareness. These are supported by one to one sessions with the managers to explore in more depth their individual development needs and responses to the feedback they receive.


  • Skills programmes – transferable skills

Coaching is part of the personalised approach for developing personal effectiveness. Alongside the group workshops we supplement the learning with one to one sessions taking each participant through issues that are more relevant for them.



Our Coaching Team


We have a strong team of coaches who come from a range of backgrounds in industry and the public sector. All of them have been leaders and managers in their own right.


We have worked together to create a common vision and philosophy – firmly on people’s strength and potential.

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