Mission Statement

"We develop managers in the international public sector to enable them to better serve the society we want to live in".

Our Approach and Method

Tailored and blended learning programmes with a high return on investment are developed in collaboration with our customers to produce the desired organisational results.



Flexible and innovative learning solutions can be rapidly developed by customising and combining modules from our 90-minute learning library and delivered in a variety of learning formats.



We are constantly striving to integrate new developments in learning technologies that can bring real benefit, for example, by bringing learning to the learner. In this way, our programmes provide people with just what they need, just when they need it and in a 'bite' size that is easy to incorporate into working life.



High service quality is guaranteed through our use of systems and processes which meet the needs of our diverse customer base.


Phone:       +32 2 540 81 33


Rue de la Montagne 54/56

1000 Bruxelles

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