Mindfulness at Work

In the modern workplace, which is increasingly complex, there is rapid change and a growing pressure for staff and teams to be more productive. This environment has led many to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Currently, there is convincing scientific evidence that mindfulness, an ancient method for training the mind, can help meet these challenges by providing benefits such as:

  • relaxation and multiple positive health-effects

  • reduced stress and greater resilience

  • enhanced well-being and happiness

  • improved emotional intelligence

  • better interpersonal relationships

  • greater focus, productivity and creativity

An important practice in Eastern contemplative traditions, mindfulness was initially adapted for the modern world as a stress reduction technique by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts. However, its application has gone far beyond dealing with stress and is now being taught around the world in many contexts, including business schools and major corporations, such as Google.

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